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Hello and welcome to Solutions Research

qualitative research We are a qualitative research agency with impressive experience and expertise working across private, public and third sector organisations, both in the UK and internationally.

Over the years we have built a reputation for our exciting, innovative approaches, built on sound strategic and creative thinking and with a focus on delivering actionable results.

What makes us stand out is the way we have evolved classic qualitative research techniques to tap into the more emotional, deeper side of human responses and the creative way we approach every brief to get close to our clients target audience. So whether you want a fresh strategic approach to your research, want to get closer to your customers, or need a straightforward, helpful answer - we can help.

What market research
could do for you:

Understand your customer

Make sure you know your customer as well as you know your best friend - we will tailor research to give you a deeper level of understanding of your customer needs and attitudes.

Confidence in

Direct consumer feedback gives confidence and credibility, providing you with insight-led strategic decisions.

Gain a holistic view

We often mix research techniques, using our own creative techniques alongside more traditional ones. This gives both breadth and depth of information, and a deeper understanding.

Ensuring you communicate
the right message

We have a wealth of experience in helping companies ensure their branding and communications are getting across the right message. Organizations that truly understand their customers will develop clear and motivating communications.