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Posted by Admin at 14:33 on 19 August 2013

We’ve had some exciting news recently. It’s been a year since the Olympics and the Paralympics in London, and we were remembering the day we spent there. The memory that stands out most for me was of having lunch in a local restaurant, and being asked – given how crowded everything was – by a lovely couple if we minded them sharing our table. Over the course of lunch, we eventually found out that they were the parents of Ollie and Sam Hynds, who were busy winning swimming medals for the UK! Made us very proud to be British.


Thanks to a new license, we are now proud to be able to say that Solutions was a Supplier of market research services (LOCOG) to the London 2012 Games. We did some work looking at spectator expectations of the Paralympics, in terms of facilities for people with particular health conditions, and of ways to differentiate the Paralympics from the Olympics. So meeting Sam and Ollies parents that day was a special moment for us, and we’re delighted that we are now allowed to talk about it in the context of the research we did for the Games.