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Caro's first blog: An introduction to what we do
Posted by Admin at 11:29 on 08 February 2013

Hello! Caro here. I’ve been at Solutions for over four years now; my official title is Associate Director, but given that we don’t really work in a hierarchy, my other titles include Recruitment Manager, Chief Report Writer and Tea Lady. I am also adding Chief Blogger to the CV as of today. I’m going to be blogging here on a Friday (most Fridays anyway), so check back often!


A lot of my friends don’t really understand what I do. When I say “qualitative market research” to them, the first thing they picture is me standing on a high street with a smile and a clipboard, trying to ask passers-by lots of questions about brands. When I tell them “qualitative market and social research”, they imagine me going door to door doing much the same. In fact, both of those things are more likely to be quantitative surveys, or even recruiters working for people like us, trying to find people to invite to interviews or focus groups. (Be nice to them – they might pay you :-))    


Over the next few weeks I’m going to kick off my blog here at Solutions by explaining all the bits and bobs, and ins and outs, of what we actually do. There will be tales of derring-do and high adventure –the tension of proposal-writing and submission! The excitement of pitching! The celebratory wine when we win contracts! (The commiseratory wine when we don’t win!) The extreme sport known as Fieldwork! All of these things are forthcoming. Watch this space.