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Meaningful consumer insight drives sound ideas. Our research provides our clients with valuable consumer truths - about their lives, beliefs, the brands they buy and services they use.

We are highly experienced in all aspects of qualitative research - exploring, developing and evaluating – including attitudinal and behavioural studies, branding and communications research, exploring strategic ideas, NPD and positioning or policy development. But we also believe that research can be used in different ways as stimulus for thought, to generate ideas and insights, spot trends or highlight gaps.

We make good use of current concepts and learning about what affects behaviour such as Behavioural Economics. Behavioural economics draws on both psychology and economics to help us understand behaviour. It suggests that the decisions we make are influenced by many different factors and that natural biases and mental shortcuts (heuristics) means that we rarely make decisions rationally. This has implications for research approach and design - for example, considering how we as researchers prime respondents. It is particularly relevant in analysis so we ensure we consider behavioral economic theory across the research process.